In Metis v9.3 we have removed the need for manually navigating and closing views, and eliminated the risk that open, unused views make Metis run slower. At the same time, navigating between Metis' most used views has become easier and faster.


Right below the ribbon menu, to the right, you have View Selectors to access Metis' five main views, which also make up the workflow of most Metis users: Assessments, Persons, Criteria, Analysis and Reports.

Clicking a View Selector takes you directly to the relevant view. For Assessments, you will initially see the Assessment list:


The list lets you browse, search and organize Assessments. You can also quickly access Assessments you recently worked with, or saved as shortcuts, by using the lists to the left. 


When selecting one or more Assessments in the main Assessments List, Metis opens the Action bar to let you choose from the most relevant actions based on your selection:

To see details of an Assessment, choose Respondents & Settings in the Action Bar, or simply double-click the Assessment.


When the Assessment opens, notice that Assessments are still selected in the view selector. In other words, Metis remains in the Assessment view. To return to the list, click the Back to List button to the left, or simply click the Assessments view selector once again.



You can always switch between the main areas of Metis by clicking the relevant View Selector. If switching from e.g. Assessments view to Persons view, Metis will remember what you were working on in the Assessments view, so it opens in the same place when you return.