Data-driven, human-oriented

Master International's easy-to-use online solutions improves speed, decision quality and success rate for HR professionals. The end-to-end portfolio ensures better person and job matches through transparent, data-driven processes.

Skill knows neither gender, age nor ethnicity

At Master International we believe in the power of equality. Our purpose is to give people the chance to grow and the opportunity to perform. We strive to fulfil it by helping individuals, teams and organisations up their game with measurable results.

Unleashing talent since 1985

Founded by Bjarne Mønster in 1985 as a HR and talent management agency, Master International has developed to employ experts from the fields of psychology, psychometrics, IT and corporate development.

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A global community of partners

At Master International, we guarantee that all solutions are 3rd party audited and locally compliant with everything from legislation to language and culture. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement. We get broader reach, and our partners get more business.