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Whether you are looking for a test to assist you in recruiting, leadership development, team development or personnel development, we have the tool for you.

At Master International, we strive to create digital solutions with a focus on high quality standards and supporting equality. By giving both people and companies a chance to grow and perform – and produce measurable results.

Headquartered in Denmark, we are actively represented in countries around the world, and the digital solutions are developed by our talented team of psychologists, psychometricians and IT specialist.

Master's solutions make you the expert

Getting trained and certified in Master's solutions give you the latest knowledge and inspiration within talent acquisition and talent development. Training is provided through e-learning and online instructor led training - you can be ready to use the tools in less than a day.

If you would like to get certified in one of the Master test solutions, you can click on the link below. If you need to get certified in another language, we ask you to click on the "globe" icon in the top right corner and find a partner near you.

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We are always ready to support you

Master's support team offers its valuable expertise in relation to all Master's solutions and the optimal use of its end-user software. We are dedicated to helping you get the utmost value from Master's solutions and ensuring that you succeed with tasks and projects involving our platform.

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OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five model that measures the most important dimensions of personality for performance and job success


EASI is a typology test that measures psychological traits. The test has been developed for personality testing for learning and development purposes


ACE is an ability test designed to measure a candidate's level of logical analytical reasoning - and cognitive potential - by assessing numerical, verbal, and spatial abilities


BRIGHT is a test that measures customer-service related attitudes and behaviours. Use BRIGHT to screen in the best candidates quickly and efficiently when you recruit


Metis is Master's test and assessment platform for simpler, faster and better HR decisions. Metis makes it easy for users to assess, measure, compare and analyse data on a single platform


MPA is an occupational personality test that measures nine basic properties of behaviour crucial for success in any given job. MPA provides relevant insights into a candidate's personality traits